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MVR multi-effect transformation


MVR multi-effect transformation

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MVR multi-effect transformation
★ bring huge energy saving effect to users
★ Save huge new investment for users
★ Make full use of existing evaporation equipment
★ Maintain or increase the original evaporation
★ Maintain or improve the original evaporation process


★Energy saving effect

Comparison of MVR energy consumption for 10 ton hour three-effect evaporation system for high-salt wastewater evaporation


project Before the transformation: three-effect evaporation unit After the transformation: MVR evaporation unit
Steam consumption / hour 900yuan(500kg steam per ton of water) 40yuan(20kg steam per ton of water)
Power consumption / hour 70yuan(100 degree electrical calculation) 350yuan(Temperature rise 16 degrees calculation)
Cooling water consumption / hour 20yuan 2yuan
Hourly energy consumption 990yuan 392yuan
Annual energy consumption 78.41 million yuan 3.10 million yuan
Annual savings 47.36 million yuan
Energy saving effect

Energy saving compared to the original three effects60.4%


★Save investment

Compared with the new MVR investment with the same evaporation amount, the multi-effect evaporation transformation above 5T/h can save 2/3 of the total investment.


★How to transform
1.Material evaporation experiment 2.Existing multi-effect evaporation equipment and process parameter analysis 3.Compressor selection and design 4.Modified MVR system design



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