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Product advantages


Product advantages

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Advantage 1: 
The characteristics of centrifugal turbine vacuum pump are water saving, power saving and land saving. The turbine vacuum pump is more efficient than the water ring vacuum pump. It can save 30-40% of electric energy. The turbine vacuum pump does not need to use sealing water. So the use of clean water can be reduced by 70%. The energy-saving effect is obvious.

Advantage 2: 
Centrifugal turbine vacuum pump can have multiple suction ports. Therefore, the system is simple, compact and efficient. Unlike the water ring vacuum pump, which requires a supporting cooling system, one turbine vacuum pump can be used to replace multiple water ring vacuum pumps. Centrifugal vacuum pump can greatly reduce the floor space.

Advantage 3: 
Centrifugal turbine vacuum pump is a kind of rotating machinery with high machining precision. It has a higher technological level。

Advantage 4: 
The gas discharged by centrifugal turbine vacuum pump has high temperature and low moisture content, which can be used as a general heat source. The gas discharged by water ring vacuum pump is of low quality and has no recycling value


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