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Thermal separation processes such as evaporation and distillation are energy intensive. In the course of their development, the aim of reducing energy costs first led to multiple-effect evaporation (MEE), then to thermal vapour recompression (TVR), and finally, to the use of mechanical vapour recompression (MVR). 
MEE, TVR and MVR are three main evaporation technologies available now for reducing energy consumption in the process. They can be applied singly, or in combinations .
Among the three evaporation technologies, MVR is the most energy effective.
Production Type Turbovap Centrifugal Compressor Centrifugal Fan Roots Air Blower
Executive Standard API617 API673 JB/T8941
Highest Pressure Ratio <3 ≤ 1.3 ≤ 2
Compressed Vapor Saturated Temperature Rise Single Stage Max.20℃ Single Stage Max.8℃ Single Stage Max.18~20℃
Max. Flow Rate (100℃) 100 t/h 120 t/h 3~5 t/h
Impeller Type Three-dimension Flow, Centrifugal Type Two-dimension Flow, Centrifugal Type Two-impeller or Three-impeller, Volume Type
Impeller Manufacturing Process Overall Milling of Forge Pieces Welding Casting
Impeller Material Stainless Steel or Titanium Steel Stainless Steel Cast Iron, Nickel Plating or Nickel-Phosphorus
Manufacturing Cost High Low Quite Low
Photos of Impeller
Structure of Volute Complicated, Contain Diversion, Pressure Extension, etc. Simple Simple
Realization of Rotary Speed Gear Increase Direct Connection with High-speed Motor Synchronous Gear
Range of Rotary Speed 5000~40000r/min Commonly less than4000r/min 150~3000r/min
Thin Oil Lubricating System Yes, Not Contacted with Medium at all Unavailable for the Majority Gear Oil and Grease Lubrication, Contacted with Medium
Noise Below 85dB, Bass Below 85dB, Treble Nearly 110 dB
Service Life Three-year Quality Assurance Three-year Quality Assurance Nearly One Year


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