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Specification of ARES system

ARES sewage disposal system is a technology combination by research and development costing almost 20years, which is essentially the technology of microorganism food chain bridging in wastewater.It provides optimum working environment for the microorganism in degradation and synthesis in micro-ecological environment by the ways of comprehensive application of enzyme induction,life-ray energy given, microelement balance and so on.

Research and management of wastewater ecological treatment system running on the basis of  microorganism  experiment analysis.



Principle of ARES system

Organic matter is decomposed by microorganism and turned into activated sludge, and add the biological enzyme and biological acid into the screened microorganisms by using the carrier technology, forms the intermediate microorganisms that meet the specific conditions. Under effect of biology photoactive reactor, the activity and stability of intermediate microorganism are improved continuously to decompose excess activated sludge (including the death sludge of the long-term precipitation),excess activated sludge decomposed is  called sludge modified,  of which contains a variety of strong activated sludge, sludge age can be considered as infinite; In the process of decomposing (metabolizing) sludge, several kinds of high acid can be directly converted into the nutrients of microorganisms to promote the regeneration of itself  in the water. Active balancing biological floc is produced in the degradation process of  microbial organic matter continuously, so the ideal circuit is found between microorganism food bridging chain and biological chain in the water, and high potential organic compounds are degraded to  organic matter of  low potential energy in the water circularly, that is to say, water, gas, and mud have been solved perfectly.




The effluent of Shandong Jining sewage disposal plant with 200 thousand tons per day is superior to level A discharge standard, which is close to surface water discharge of four kinds and can be directly used in agriculture,afforestation and industrial water, and reuse rate can be more than 90%. The direct operating cost of sewage treatment per ton is reduced by more than 50%; the traditional process volume is saved by 30%; the daily processing capacity can be increased by 50%  where conditions are possible.




Advantages of ARES system

1. Reclaim water reuse, be superior to 1A discharge standard

2. Elimination rate of organic sludge is more than 90%, extreme value is as high as 96%

3. Eliminate the odor around  the sewage disposal plant area and surrounding area

4. Operating cost of sewage per ton reduces over 50%

5. Return on investment improved is over 50%





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