The application of MVR in TCM concentration


Preventing and curing disease with Chinese traditional medicine(TCM) has a long history in our country. In the production of TCM, concentration process is an essential link, while high energy consumption in traditional evaporation, distillation, concentration equipments resulting to high operation costs. Fortunately, MVR device can replace the traditional single-effect, multi-effect evaporation to reduce production energy consumption greatly.   



  MVR evaporator reutilizes the latent heat of the secondary steam 100% through transforming electrical energy to mechanical energy, effectively reduces the usage of fresh steam in TCM concentration process.


MVR falling film evaporation flow chart


MVR falling film evaporator


  There are main three kinds of MVR evaporators: MVR tubular film evaporator, MVR forced circulation evaporator( FCE), MVR plate evaporator. TCM concentration mainly adopts tubular film evaporator, which has the following advantages: short residence time of materials, small pressure loss, high heat transfer coefficient, high steam utilization, low scaling, easy-to-clean and wide materials processing range ( extract viscosity range of TCM is 50 ~ 400 mpa. S ), etc. The picture below is a typical film evaporation flow chart:


  MVR evaporator has wide applicability, but to reach the required evaporation proportion , attention also should be paid on physical characteristics of TCM exact. Especially, TCM is a very complicated chemicalcomposition system. the more complex the composition is, the viscosity will be larger. When viscosity exceeds 400 mpa.


   S, the application of MVR film evaporator is limited. Therefore, in order to concentrate TCM, it is important to make full use of the physical properties of TCM extracts and select proper temperature to apply MVR evaporator


  At present, energy is scarce in our country, energy cost is becoming higher and higher. The advantage of MVR evaporator has been recognized in the industry. With the guidance of the national policy and the development of technology, MVR technology will be more widely used in the field of TCM concentration.





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