The Evaporation And Crystallization Technology Exhibition


On Nov 20, 2013, first session of China (Shanghai) International Evaporation and Crystallization Technology and Equipment Exhibition was rounded off. Turbovap was invited to attend the exhibition.The exhibition brought together many domestic and foreign MVR evaporation and crystallization equipment manufacturers, showing vigorous growth of MVR industry. With excellent technology and many application cases, Turbovap, who specialized in manufacturing centrifugal steam compressor, the heart of MVR evaporation system attracted a lot of professionals and users stop to visit.



At the scene of the exhibition, Turbovap technical staff answered customers’ question in detail and further discuss with them on MVR technology. Products of Turbovap were well received on the exhibition.




Turbovap plays a very important role in the field of MVR compressor because of great technology and application cases. Turbovap consolidated the cooperation with existing customers, explored a large number of potential customers, and further expanded the market by communication and negotiation on the exhibition. The company will keep improving management, developing “Turbovap” brand, and providing more excellent service to customers.





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