Turbovap® Compressor For Sorbitol Concentration


Turbovap® compressor, whose evaporation rate is 5mt/hr and saturated steam temperature rise is 10℃,is self-developed, designed and manufactured by Turbovap. It is successfully used in sorbitol concentration MVR system of Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group. The system replaces the traditional three-effect concentration evaporator.



Qingdao bright moon seaweed group is a well-known international seaweed processing and sobitol producing enterprise. The MVR system was launched at the end of 2011 and the installation and debugging finished in Mar 2012. The compressor is running smoothly and all parameter reaches the design standard. Estimated according to actual situation, evaporating one ton water consumes 35 kW‧h power and no steam. While using three-effect concentration, evaporating one ton water consumes kW‧h and 0.35 tons steam. The result shows that MVR system can save nearly 10 thousand RMB operation cost every day. BMSG will pay back all the investment within one year.








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