Turbovap single four-stage MVR compressor passed the acceptance


After a single three-stage compressor was put into operation, Turbovap single four-stage MVR compressor has also realized continuous and stable operation, passed customer’s acceptance, the saturated temperature rise has reached 60 ° C and the total compression ratio has exceeded 9, which is firstly invented in China.

Multistage centrifugal steam compressor is mainly used to deal wtih materials with high boiling point, or some special occasions such as pressurization. The form of single multi-stage is beneficial to simplify control, save space, and reduce energy consumption and investment cost.

At present, the single multi-stage compressor manufactured by Turbovap has been successfully used in different industries and won high praise from users, providing users with more energy-saving ways and larger energy-saving space.

In pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation, Turbovap does the best to make every product well. Turbovap also has magnetic suspension blowers, static air suspension blowers and high speed motor direct-driven MVR compressors. Welcome new and old customers to choose.





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