Energy saving advantages

Due to the fact that heat pump distillation technology replaces the consumption of one ton of steam in the original process with 40-120 degrees of electricity (depending on the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the tower), it has good energy-saving effects in most situations. Taking a 42t/h ethylene glycol distillation tower as an example, the energy-saving effect of using heat pump distillation technology is as follows:


Energy saving distillation benefits of ethylene glycol
Project Hourly volume Unit price (excluding tax) Total
Ethylene glycol flow rate 42t/h



Save steam 20.7t/h 200yuan/t 4140 yuan/h
Electricity usage fee 2360kwh 0.4yuan/kwh 944 yuan/h
Reduce cooling water 478.5t/h 0.2yuan/t 95.7 yuan/h
Theoretical hourly energy-saving amount 3292 yuan/h
Annual working hours 8000 h/year
年节约成本 2633 万元




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