Energy saving

Comparison of MVR energy consumption for the transformation of a 10 ton/hour three effect evaporation system for high salt wastewater evaporation

Project Before renovation: Three effect evaporator unit After renovation: MVR evaporator unit
Steam consumption/hour 900 yuan (500kg steam per ton of water) 40 yuan (20kg steam per ton of water)
Electricity consumption/hour 70 yuan (calculated at 100 kWh) 350 yuan (calculated based on a temperature rise of 16 degrees)
Cooling water consumption/hour 20 yuan 2 yuan
Energy consumption per hour 990yuan 392 yuan
Annual energy consumption 7.841 million yuan 3.105 million yuan
Annual cost savings 4.736 million yuan
Energy saving Compared to the original three effects, it saves 60.4% energy




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