Tubular MVR forced circulation evaporator

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Key words: centrifugal steam compressor, MVR evaporation system, magnetic suspension aeration blower
Subclassification: MVR System 


Working principle and features: 


MVR forced circulation evaporator consists of heater, separator and forced circulation pump, etc The materials are heated by the steam outside the heat exchanger and temperature rises. Under the effect of circulating pump, materials rise into the separator, in the separator materials evaporate due to material static pressure drop. Secondary steam created of evaporation overflows from the material, Material is concentrated to supersaturation and crystal growth. Materials removing of the supersaturated go into the forced circulation pump, under the effect of which , enter in the heat exchanger, thus constantly evaporating concentration or crystallizing. Crystal slurry outputs from the circulation line with discharge pump. Secondary steam in evaporation separator is transported to the compressor after purification by the separation and defoaming device above separator.


After compressed by compressor ,the secondary steam is transported to the shell side of the heat exchanger used as the evaporator heating steam, to realize continuous evaporation heat cycle. It has the characteristics of: 1,Suitable for materials with large viscosity or containing particles.2. High concentration ratio.3,high volume of circulation, high pipe flow rate, hard to drywall or scaling.4,compared with falling film, energy consumption is higher.


MVR falling film evaporator is suitable for the enrichment of materials and the preconcentration of salt crystals. Suitable for evaporation of hard-scaling,little-viscosity,no-particles materials, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials.


The commonly used types are as follows:


2.1 Single effect single-stage compression forced circulation evaporator



2.2 Single effect two-stage compression forced circulation evaporator


2.3 Forced circulation + forced circulation evaporator


2.4 Forced circulation + forced circulation evaporator

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