Magnetic Levitation aeration blower

Product Description: Domestic MVR core equipment manufacturer and MVR system engineering service provider
Key words: centrifugal steam compressor, MVR evaporation system, magnetic suspension aeration blower

Subclassification: Magnetic Blower


Magnetic Levitation aeration blower is a new concept of the blower, it is high efficiency, low noise, energy saving, environmentally  friendly. It adopts core technologies such as the  ‘high-speed motor direct coupling technology’, ‘magnetic bearings” and  so on. We improve product performance and reliability instead of the increasing gears, couplings, lubrication and cooling systems required by traditional single-stage high-speed blower. The blower is a new generation of high-tech products developed by our many years of the impellor and high-speed motor and other mechanical product design experience. It will create bigger economic benefits for your company.

Characteristics: Cooling technology, high-efficiency impellor, magnetic bearing,Motor technology of high efficiency and high reliability, high reliability, low maintenance  requirements, low noise, low vibration





Performance curve of Blower


Comparison between Single-stage high speed aeration blower and increasing gear centrifugal blower



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