Technical advantages

  Quick and flexible docking
  Distillation towers are mostly used for material production and cannot be shut down for long periods of time for renovation projects. This energy-saving renovation process is quick to connect and can prefabricate all pipelines without affecting production. The compressed steam is also used as a byproduct steam for other purposes.
  Safe and efficient
  For process gas that cannot be directly compressed, heat exchange can be used to first exchange the water vapor, and then use the Dewey turbine multi-stage centrifugal compressor to compress it to the required temperature, replacing the raw steam, to ensure the safety and stability of the system.
  Significant energy-saving effect
  After energy-saving renovation of the distillation tower, the latent heat of the top gas is completely recovered, which not only saves the use of steam in the tower kettle, but also reduces the consumption of cooling capacity at the top of the tower, achieving dual energy conservation.





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