Plate MVR evaporators

Product Description: Domestic MVR core equipment manufacturer and MVR system engineering service provider
Key words: centrifugal steam compressor, MVR evaporation system, magnetic suspension aeration blower
Subclassification: MVR System 


Working principle and features: 


Plate MVR evaporator consists of plate heat exchanger, separator and material pump, etc. Under the guidance of distribution, Materials are distributed evenly into the plate group of plate evaporator,ensure no drywall on every piece. Evaporator form can be made of rising film, falling film and forced circulation.Secondary steam in evaporation separator is transported to the compressor after purification by the separation and defoaming device above separator.After compressed bycompressor, the secondary steam is transported to the shell side of the heat exchanger used as the evaporator heating steam, to realize continuous evaporation heat cycle.


It has the characteristics of:


1.Small occupation space, easy installation and maintenance;2. Plate can be removable, easy toscale; 3. Heat transfer coefficient is high, heating area is relatively small;4. Equipment investment is small. Plate MVR evaporator is suitable for the enrichment of materials and the preconcentration of salt crystals. Suitable for evaporation of hard-scaling,little-viscosity,no-particles materials, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

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