Steam boosting

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Key words: centrifugal steam compressor, MVR evaporation system, magnetic suspension aeration blower

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Product specifications


Dewei Turbine can customize and produce steam booster compressors according to user needs. Currently, it has various application achievements covering inlet pressures as low as 6 kPa (saturated water vapor at 37 degrees) and outlet pressures as low as 1500 kPa (saturated water vapor at 200 degrees). Suitable for situations where the pressure of the factory steam source is insufficient or low-pressure by-product steam cannot be used. Generally, when the pressure of steam is doubled (absolute pressure), it consumes about 40 degrees of electricity, and in most working conditions, the investment can be quickly recovered.


Hot water waste heat recovery


  The heat of condensed water generated in various production processes can be recovered. By multi-stage flash evaporation, low-pressure saturated steam with different pressures is obtained, and then pressurized by a Dewey turbine multi-stage compressor to obtain high-grade steam that can be used.
Dewei Turbine can provide a single unit with an hourly flow rate of 1-200 tons of flash steam booster compressor. Usually, for every temperature rise exceeding 20 degrees, an additional level of compression is added. Dewei Turbine currently has mature operating cases of a single four stage compressor, providing more options to meet the needs of different users.

Generally, after adopting this unit, the investment payback period does not exceed 2 years. For units with a flow rate exceeding 5 tons per hour, the payback period may be less than 1 year. Meanwhile, this compression method can effectively solve problems such as water hammer in condensate system pipelines and high power consumption of air coolers.



Application scenarios


In various fields where low and medium temperature waste heat exists widely, such as chemical, petroleum, steel, electricity, pharmaceuticals, textiles, papermaking, etc., high-temperature and high-pressure water vapor centrifugal compressors can be used to increase the pressure and temperature of low pressure steam, flash steam, etc., upgrading their thermal energy grade and reusing them, achieving significant energy-saving and carbon reduction effects.


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