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Principle of Heat Pump Distillation


By utilizing the core product of Dewey turbine - multi-stage centrifugal steam compressor, the steam at the top of the distillation tower is heated and pressurized, and the compressed steam is directly used for heating in the reboiler. This allows for the complete recovery of a large amount of latent heat from the steam at the top of the tower with only a small amount of electrical energy. This not only saves steam usage in the tower kettle, but also reduces the consumption of cooling at the top of the tower, achieving dual energy conservation.


Core equipment


Due to the large temperature difference between the top and bottom of the tower, conventional single-stage centrifugal compressors cannot meet the requirements. After years of practice, the multi-stage centrifugal compressor independently developed and produced by Dewei Turbine has been maturely applied in different fields, providing strong equipment support for heat pump distillation.


Secondary compressor

Three stage compressor

Four-stage compressor



Process Description


Traditional distillation

Heat pump




Energy saving advantages


Due to the fact that heat pump distillation technology replaces the consumption of one ton of steam in the original process with 40-120 degrees of electricity (depending on the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the tower), it has good energy-saving effects in most situations. Taking a 42t/h ethylene glycol distillation tower as an example, the energy-saving effect of using heat pump distillation technology is as follows:


Energy saving distillation benefits of ethylene glycol
Project Hourly volume Unit price (excluding tax) Total
Ethylene glycol flow rate 42t/h



Save steam 20.7 tons/h 200 yuan/ton 4140 yuan/h
Electricity usage fee 2360kwh 0.4 yuan/kWh 944 yuan/h
Reduce cooling water 478.5 tons/h 0.2 yuan/ton 95.7 yuan/h
Theoretical hourly energy-saving amount 3292 yuan/h
Annual working hours 8000h/year
Annual cost savings 26.33 million yuan

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